About us

So, who are the geniuses behind the Crowd 9 Agency? 

I’m very glad you asked. 

We are a chic collaboration of qualified matchmakers, relationship experts, personal branding coaches and a super-hot, stylish events team. 

We have forged our superpowers to bring sexy back to dating. 

We will help you find a date in a discreet manner, without announcing your single status and posting your pictures all over the web. 

Use our expertise to build your confidence and guide you into making better decisions by arranging 1-2-1 time with our in-house, highly qualified coaches. We can help you figure out if your ideal match on paper is ideal for you in reality. 

So why us? 

Dating apps are boring, the office eye candy now works from home, the girl/guy next door moved out and your, ahem, backup plan, just announced their engagement on Facebook. 

What ever happened to just meeting someone in a bar? 

Allow us to introduce you back to the traditional methods of dating, but for our modern society. 

Hook up culture has given dating a bad rep, ghosting is the new rejection, catfishes are simply picture perfect imposters, and online scams are on the rise. The Tinder Swindler comes to mind…. 

Join our movement and meet one of our vetted members in a safe venue. You can bring your wingman, bring your cheerleaders and trust the process.

Meet The Team



Dawn is the Founder and Chief Cupid at the company. With her long-term experience in the matchmaking industry, Dawn is a qualified and professional matchmaker who takes immense pride in helping people find true love. Her dedication to connecting singles with ideal romantic partners has earned her an exemplary reputation as one of the best in the business. She continuously evaluates our services and adds new features to keep us ahead of competition. No doubt she has been an instrumental part of our success from Day 1!?



Liz is our resident relationship guru and mental health professional here at Crowd 9 Agency. She comes to us highly qualified, with over 30 years of experience helping people navigate the struggles of committed relationships. In addition to being an accomplished clinician, Liz shares her expertise through writing, speaking and teaching classes. She has helped many individuals and couples create happier, healthier relationships that last a lifetime. With Liz's guidance, we are sure you will find success in improving your relationship!



Charley is the Head of Events here at Crowd 9 Agency and she is always ahead of the game when it comes to what's on-trend. With an eye for detail, Charley keeps us in the know about all the latest exciting opportunities to host events that match our company ethos. A real queen of cool, Charley has created so many amazing experiences for our team, employees and clients alike. Whether you're attending one of our casual mixers or our famous masquerade balls, we can guarantee with Charley in charge, each event will live up to its full potential!